Pro Era’s A La $ole And Brown Bag Allstar’s J57 Announce Collaborative Album

Brooklyn-based independent label Coalmine Records has announced the signings of emcee A La $ole and emcee/producer J57 and projected a mid-March delivery for their collaborative album.

Brooklyn’s A La $ole was on both Pro Era’s Peep: The Aprocalypse and The Shift.

Long Island’s J57 has produced for Skyzoo, Nitty Scott and Rapper Big Pooh.

“I first heard of J57 when Joey Bada$$ first cut that Big Poppa $wank (Swank Rock) record,A La $ole said of his initial exposure to the producer’s work. It sent me back to when I first discovered my love for music, so I was instantly amazed by the production. Ever since then I wanted to work with him and now it’s actually mind-boggling that we are now putting together this masterpiece.

“I’ve been down with/working with Joey Bada$$ for a couple of years and steadily watching the Pro Era movement,J57 said. A La $ole was the next Pro I wanted to work with because he’s a phenomenal lyricist. The project came together organically due to our mutual respect for each other’s craft. I know A La will be the next big thing and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

The album is untitled at present, and the release date has not been confirmed, save for a projected mid-March delivery,per Coalmine Records CEO Matt Diamond.


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