Hip Hop Week In Review: Nicki Minaj, Game, 50 Cent

This week’s top headlines include a former KKK leader criticizing Nicki Minaj and the Hip Hop and music industry at large. Game responds to a fan’s question about a possible reunion with 50 Cent but says it’ll never happen because they’re “sworn enemies.”

Meanwhile, Rich Homie Quan says he spoke with Birdman about his current Lil Wayne rift, Complex curates a list of the best rapper for every year since 1979, and Migos addresses their Chief Keef Beef.

Former KKK Leader David Duke Takes Aim At Nicki Minaj
In an online broadcast that has been covered by the likes of Time and The Guardian for its takedown of currently scandalized politician Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, makes direct mention of rapper Nicki Minaj and calls into question the morality of her music.

Why do people blame blacks like Minaj he asked. Because Minaj wouldn’t be a pimple on somebody’s rear end except for the fact that she is promoted by the Jewish record producers and the media, the mass media, the powerful media, that promotes absolute degenerates like her.

Earlier in the show, Duke took aim at Gangster Rap as a whole, saying eventually, “Rap music is not something that Blacks were really responsible for, it was the Jewish record producers who promoted this degenerate and sick music.”

Read the full story here – http://bit.ly/1Kw6YUI

Game Says He’s Sworn Enemies With 50 Cent In Response To Questions About Possible Reunion
After years of speculation that the two rappers could possibly reunite on stage or in the booth, Game responded to a fan on Instagram about the possibility of squashing his beef with 50 Cent and performing some of their collaborations on stage.

In a recent Instagram exchange captured by The Shade Room, Game wrote that the reunion would “sell out every fuckin venue in the world & shut everything in hip hop down” if not for their permanent rift.

“But we sworn enemies so it ain’t gone happen,” he added with the hashtag #SomeShitJustIsWhatItIsBlood.

Read the full story here – http://bit.ly/1AGX6V6

Rich Homie Quan Says He Spoke With Birdman About Lil Wayne, YMCMB
Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, Rich Gang’s Rich Homie Quan was asked if he knew anything about the situation. He confirmed that he did but said it’s between Birdman and Weezy.

“Me and Birdman talked about [Lil Wayne’s] situation but I’m not going to put y’all onto their business or whatnot,” he said.

“We had words about it. Other than that we can’t do nothing but move forward… I’ve got nothing but respect for Wayne he’s still my big brother regardless. Bird’s still my uncle regardless.”

Read the rest of the story here – http://bit.ly/14GoDsC


The rapper Instagrammed these photos from the bedroom of his Los Angeles mansion where it seems like he throws shots even in his dreams.


Ever Wondered What Drake’s Bedroom Looks Like?.. See Pics


Pro Era’s A La $ole And Brown Bag Allstar’s J57 Announce Collaborative Album

Brooklyn-based independent label Coalmine Records has announced the signings of emcee A La $ole and emcee/producer J57 and projected a mid-March delivery for their collaborative album.

Brooklyn’s A La $ole was on both Pro Era’s Peep: The Aprocalypse and The Shift.

Long Island’s J57 has produced for Skyzoo, Nitty Scott and Rapper Big Pooh.

“I first heard of J57 when Joey Bada$$ first cut that Big Poppa $wank (Swank Rock) record,A La $ole said of his initial exposure to the producer’s work. It sent me back to when I first discovered my love for music, so I was instantly amazed by the production. Ever since then I wanted to work with him and now it’s actually mind-boggling that we are now putting together this masterpiece.

“I’ve been down with/working with Joey Bada$$ for a couple of years and steadily watching the Pro Era movement,J57 said. A La $ole was the next Pro I wanted to work with because he’s a phenomenal lyricist. The project came together organically due to our mutual respect for each other’s craft. I know A La will be the next big thing and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

The album is untitled at present, and the release date has not been confirmed, save for a projected mid-March delivery,per Coalmine Records CEO Matt Diamond.


MMG rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill stamped their allegiance to the label Sunday (December 4) by tattooing symbolic emblems onto their faces.

Both rappers visited Unroyal Ink Tattoo Studio Sunday in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

The store’s owner, Ian, shared images on Instagram of Meek and Ross getting tatted, as well as the finished products.

Maybach’s head honco, Rick Ross, inked a variety of logos onto his face including the Miami Heat’s flaming basketball and the MMG insignia.

There were others, too, like the letter W, a crown and the Dream Chasers emblem.

Meek Mill held off on the face art and chose to inscribe the MMG logo onto his hand.


Rick Ross Gets 7 Facial Tattoos


Things You Didnt Know About Jayceon “THE GAME” Terrell Taylor

Game was born Jayceon Terrell Taylor on November 29, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Compton, a low-income crime-ridden city in Los Angeles County, in a primarily Crip gang neighborhood known as Santana Blocc, although he grew up to become a member of the Bloods. He was born into a life of gang-wars and hustling. In an October 2006 interview with MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway, Game described his family as “dysfunctional” and claimed that his father molested one of his sisters. When later interviewed, Game stated that at a young age, he recalled seeing both of his parents preparing to do drive-by shootings. His father was a Nutty Block Crip and his mother a Hoover Crippelette. Drugs and guns were all around Taylor when he was young. His father was a heroin addict and both his parents frequently took cocaine. At around the age of 6, Taylor stated that a friend of his was murdered for his clothes and shoes in the neighborhood by a teenager.

At age 7, Taylor was placed in foster care. Initially, he was teased by other children. However, his intelligence was acknowledged by his caretakers and he usually helped his foster brothers and sisters with their homework.
Taylor had a defining moment in his life when he met his idol, rapper Eazy-E of the rap group N.W.A, around 1989.Throughout Taylor’s adolescence, he endured many hardships. At 13, one of Taylor’s older brothers, Jevon, who was 17 at the time and had just received a record deal, was shot at a gas station. Taylor stated that he felt his father played a hand in this by not being there, for if he had, his brother would not have been shot. Jevon died the day after Jayceon visited him in the hospital, promising that things would be better and that lost time would be made up. Two years later, when Taylor was 15, he was removed from the foster care system. He moved in with his mother, Lynette, as his father was no longer around, and had a tumultuous relationship with his mother at first.
Taylor attended Compton High School, where most students who were affiliated with gangs were Crips. However, his older half brother George Taylor III, known as Big Fase 100, attended Centennial High School and was the leader of the Cedar Block Piru Bloods.

In high school, Taylor was beginning to follow in his brother’s footsteps but when his natural athletic abilities earned him a position as the point guard on the basketball team, he chose to focus on athletics instead, joining the track team and playing other various sports. In 1999, Taylor graduated from Compton High School and enrolled in Washington State University. According to Taylor, he had earned a basketball scholarship to the university, but was kicked out of the university after being caught with drugs in his possession. The university’s athletic department, however, refutes that Taylor was ever enrolled in their athletic program and denies the drug claims. After being expelled from college, Taylor fully embraced street life, selling drugs and running with gangs. Game and his brother Big Fase owned an apartment on the outskirts of Compton in Bellflower. Shortly after moving there, they had a monopoly on the drug trade, but the operation was short-lived. On October 1, 2001, while Taylor was in the apartment alone, he heard a knock on the door at 2 a.m. Expecting a late night sale, Taylor opened the door to see a regular customer. The man, however, was accompanied by two other visitors. A fight then ensued between Taylor and another man, and before he was able to reach for his pistol, Taylor was shot five times by one of the assailants. After lying still for several minutes, Game used his cell phone and called an ambulance. Due to the severity of his wounds, Taylor went into a three-day coma.